The townhouse: the benefits of a home, hassle-free

The townhouse: the benefits of a home, hassle-free

Sunday 14 October, 2018

The townhouse is growing in popularity because of its many advantages, but also for the peace of mind it offers.

This type of home is the perfect balance between urban life and the suburbs. Whether to reduce the tasks related to the maintenance of a property or to enjoy a green space, the town house offers more to its owners.

More space

The townhouse is built on two floors and has a basement. It also has a fenced yard and a terrace area. Although the accommodations are adjacent, access to a grassy backyard helps preserve the privacy of the occupants.

In addition, this type of housing offers some flexibility to its owners, unlike many condominiums. For example, homeowners can arrange yard green space as they wish, or adopt the pet of their choice.

The town house also contains many storage spaces and several rooms. It thus offers the possibility to the owners to transform one of them into:

  • Children’s room;
  • Office;
  • Workshop.

Outdoor maintenance included

The townhouse offers peace of mind to its owners, as they no longer need to do exterior work on a property.

In fact, lawn care is included in the majority of this type of property, as is the snow removal of traffic areas in winter. Owners therefore have more time for themselves and their families.

Homeowners can also keep more money in their pockets, as they no longer have to pay for landscaping appliances such as:

  • A lawn mower;
  • A brushcutter;
  • A snowblower.

A prime location

Location remains a priority for new buyers. It is essential to choose a property near multiple services as well as public transport. As a result, the townhouse will become more valuable and more convenient for its occupants.

Habitations Métrocité have developed a new townhouses project close to everything in the Laval area. These properties are located close to Carrefour Laval, highways, parks, bus stops and the metro.

Quality materials

Habitations Métrocité offer new townhouses built with high quality materials. Among other things, these accommodations include:

  • Quartz countertops;
  • Thermoplastic kitchen cabinets;
  • A sink and a stainless steel hood in the kitchen;
  • Hardwood flooring.

Another notable fact, the price of townhouses is within the reach of several buyers. Since this type of home is in constant demand and combines the advantages of a home and a condominium, the townhouse virtually ensures homeowners a quick and easy resale.

Are you still undecided between buying a townhouse or a house? Consult our article to help you make your choice or contact Paul Alexandre of Habitations Métrocité at (450) 600-2171 for more information about Laval townhouses.


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