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The Financial Benefits of Buying Real Estate

Purchasing real estate like a condo offers many financial advantages. Especially in the long term, this type of investment allows you to build up your heritage, to receive additional income if you rent it out, to have a place to live when you retire and, of course, to grow your investment.

10 reasons why you should invest in a condo

For many of us, buying a home has been a lifelong dream, which is understandable since home ownership is one of the most important life projects one can have. Here are 10 reasons why purchasing a condo is one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make!

Discover the benefits of living near the REM!

As we all know, living in the suburbs means being stuck in traffic and wasting time in your car, at least for workers who drive to downtown Montreal daily.

Buying real estate: 8 advantages of making a 20% down payment

When you consider the total price of purchasing a property, a 20% down payment might seem daunting. But as a financial strategy, it has some real advantages. Here are 8 reasons why making a down payment of 20% or more could be a smart move for you. 1. Avoiding the need for mortgage insurance If […]

Buying a condo on the West Island: a smart choice

Did you know that the West Island features some of the largest green spaces along the Rivière des Prairies, and is nestled between Lac Saint-Louis and Lac des Deux-Montagnes? While offering a lifestyle that’s close to nature, the area also boasts diverse and colourful urban life with trendy shops, numerous restaurants, shopping centres and a […]

Downsizing from a house to a condo

Living in a condo has plenty of advantages for anyone looking to downsize. Many families, couples and retirees choose to live in a condo, a smaller space located in the heart of an urban area and offering a different lifestyle, more adapted to today’s reality. Downsizing is a growing trend, read on to find out […]

Buy a condo off plan, is it a risky choice?

Are you thinking of acquiring a new off-plan condo and wondering what are the potential risks of such a decision? Would you like to know more about what to consider before signing? If the purchase of a condo that is not yet built and that only exists on plan offers many benefits, it also includes […]

What advantages do new homes offer?

It may be wise to learn about the benefits of new homes before buying a multi-year home that can hold all sorts of surprises, more often than not bad. The new homes of Habitations Métrocité inc. are townhouses that offer buyers several advantages, including quality, customization and peace of mind. Uncompromising quality Buyers of a […]

Condo for sale in Laval: How to choose the right one?

When looking for a condo for sale in Laval, it is important to take into account some essential criteria to choose the one that will meet all needs and will sell well, if any. The quality Choosing the right condo involves learning about the build quality and finish of the building as well as whether […]

Choose a new condo in Laval | Quality and reliability

Since the purchase of a home consists of one of the most important financial investments in life, choosing a new condo in Laval is a wise choice to achieve quality and reliability, in a prime location that meets the needs of all. A guarantee of quality Before investing a significant amount in the purchase of […]