Three (3) good reasons to choose a condo with a garage

Some companies offer new condos for sale, with an indoor garage. This asset may seem trivial, but it brings many benefits to co-owners.

An indoor garage can protect a car from inclement weather, theft and vandalism. In addition, it is an asset when reselling the condo, allowing it to stand out from other housing on the real estate market.

To be protected from bad weather

The first advantage to choose a condo with an indoor garage is that it serves as protection against the elements. A garage keeps the cars of the co-owners safe and warm. It allows to protect them:

  • from the rain;
  • the sleet;
  • the wind;
  • the snow.

Co-owners therefore no longer have to worry about having to clear snow or scratch the windows of their cars in cold weather, because it is covered at all times.

In addition, an indoor garage keeps cars at the same temperature throughout the year. The co-owners save time and fuel, since they do not need to heat their car before using it.

For an additional protection

Compared to an outdoor parking, access to an indoor garage offers additional protection.

First of all, a garage guarantees parking spaces for co-owners, as it can sometimes be difficult to find parking near their condo. In addition, parking outside the winter is far from convenient, since the car can be caught under the snow. An indoor garage provides peace of mind to the owners, who are guaranteed a good parking space every day.


In addition, the interior garage, equipped with a surveillance system, prevents cars from being stolen or vandalized. Since they are out of reach of passersby, cars are protected from several incidents. Also, the parking spaces of an indoor garage are allocated to the co-owners. In this way, if an accident occurs and a car door is damaged, for example, the co-owners can quickly resolve the situation between them since they know who owns the car.

For its resale value

Owning a condo with an indoor garage represents an added value when resold. Before buying a condo, it is important to check certain points. New home buyers must ensure that the condo is well located and check for renovations. Access to an indoor garage must also be considered when choosing a condo.


As few condos offer access to an indoor garage, this asset is greatly appreciated in the real estate market. It protects cars, in addition to being a shelter against bad weather. Since this is an uncommon luxury, the garage provides good value when reselling the condo.


The Métrocité group offers new condos for sale, some of which have an indoor garage. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our accommodations for rent and for sale in Laval and the North Shore of Montreal.

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