Rent a condo: What you need to know!

Rent a condo: What you need to know!

Tuesday 7 November, 2017

Nowadays, more and more people decide to opt for condo rentals.

This alternative is greatly appreciated by people who do not wish to embark on a mortgage loan or wish to have access to housing quickly. Condo rentals not only provide high quality housing, but also access to several services available on site.

Housing quality

First, the quality of housing and materials is often better than that of many apartments for rent. Some of these condos can also be rented new, therefore free of hassle.

In order to differentiate themselves from their competitors, some condo companies add luxurious accessories to their homes, such as:

  • Granite countertops;
  • Kitchen sinks and stainless steel oven hoods;
  • Ceramic backsplashes.

It should also be mentioned that the condos are still very well soundproofed. As a result, tenants of a condo no longer have to worry about putting the volume of the television very low or even preventing young children from making noise.

The various services included

When it comes to choosing a home for a rental, it is essential to learn about the different services offered by the building. In fact, many condos for rent offer the same related services as co-owners.

For example, some condo buildings offer their tenants:

  • access to a swimming pool and a training room;
  • access to indoor parking;

In addition, condo rentals provide some peace of mind for tenants in terms of maintenance. In fact, the maintenance of common areas and the clearing of traffic areas are done regularly around and inside the building.

The rental price

The price of renting a condo varies according to its quality, but also according to its size. Of course, the more spacious a dwelling is and offers a variety of services, the higher the price will be.

Rent related to the condo rental is payable monthly, at the price determined at the time of signing the lease. This agreement is usually for a period of one year.

Another notable fact, condo tenants do not have to pay additional monthly amounts, unlike co-owners. Thus, the only expenses that they will have to envisage are those which relate to:

  • electricity;
  • cable and home telephony;
  • home insurance.

Tenants avoid additional expenses, such as condo fees or school and municipal taxes.

In short, the condo rental is for everyone because it is inexpensive and requires no major maintenance. The many included services offered by some of these units are also a good reason to choose condo rentals.

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