Rent a condo in Laval: Economical and close to all services

Rent a condo in Laval: Economical and close to all services

Thursday 28 September, 2017

More and more people are choosing to rent a condo in Laval, since this is not only an economical solution, but also because they are located close to many services.

Now that you know the difference between renting a condo and an apartment, it’s important to find the right home for rent. Here are some good reasons to choose a condo for rent in Laval.

An affordable price

First, remember that condo rentals provide access to high quality housing at a relatively low price. Not only is the rent less than a mortgage, but the expenses related to the purchase do not have to be disbursed by the tenant.

Indeed, renting a condo saves the tenant some costs, such as:

  • Condo fees;
  • The down payment;
  • School and municipal taxes (very high in Laval);
  • The welcome tax;
  • The notary’s fees.

In addition, the expenses related to the maintenance and the good functioning of a co-ownership are taken care by the owner. Indeed, the landlord must pay the costs for renovations or major works. The tenant must, however, take care to keep the accommodation clean and neat.

A prime location

The island of Laval is a prime location for many workers and students. This city is located near the big city and easy to reach thanks to the highways 440, 13 and 15 that cross it.

Groupe Immobilier Métrocité offers condos for rent in Laval, close to Centropolis and Carrefour Laval. It should also be mentioned that these units are very close to the bus terminal and the Montmorency metro station.

Related services

For Groupe Immobilier Métrocité, it is important for a condo tenant to have access to the same services as a co-owner.

These services include:

  • Access to the swimming pool;
  • Access to the training room;
  • Obtaining free WiFi.

These services not only allow the tenant to have everything at their fingertips, but also save a large amount.

Another notable fact, Groupe immobilier Métrocité have indoor and outdoor parking spaces. Since in town, it can be difficult to find a place to park, this option is very interesting for many tenants.

Housing quality

Many people choose to rent a condo for quality housing. One thinks among others the insulation and the soundproofing of the walls, which is of better quality than those of several flats.

Note also that the condos for rent of Groupe immobilier Métrocité offer other attractive features. First, they are first class, built on six floors of concrete. An elevator is available for all, and each unit has wall-mounted air conditioning and 9-foot ceilings.

Contact Mr Patrick Forgues of Groupe Immobilier Métrocité at (438) 806-0589 to get more information about the available condos for rent in Laval.

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