Points to check before buying a condo

Points to check before buying a condo

Monday 27 November, 2017

Buying a condo is a very important transaction for many people. Since this is a major investment, it should not be taken lightly. That’s why it’s important for future buyers to focus on certain points before closing a purchase.

Is the condo well located?

One of the first things to check is the location of the condo. Any buyer wants an investment that will be profitable in several years. A well-located home will increase in value over time and ensure a good amount when it is resold.

It is thus necessary to privilege the condos near the public transport, such as:

  • Bus stops or bus terminal;
  • A train station;
  • Subway station.

The proximity of schools, highways and shops is also to be considered when choosing a condo.

What is the age and condition of the condo?

Other things to check before making a purchase are the age and condition of the condo.

Of course, if the condo was built several years ago, it is likely that it will require some modifications and renovations. Future buyers must therefore provide an additional amount to refresh the condo to make it functional.

The new condo, meanwhile, does not require any renovation since it was built in recent months. Before the co-owners take possession of the new housing, the project manager must make a final inspection of the housing in their presence. The company is committed to delivering quality condos that meet the customer’s expectations. Since they are convinced of the durability of their new condos, some companies will also offer after-sales service.

What about maintenance and co-ownership fees?

Many people will decide to buy a condo to free themselves from the tasks related to the maintenance of a house. (Blog link 7)

It is thanks to the condo fees, paid monthly by the co-owners, that companies can be contracted to carry out the snow removal of the parking lot, the landscaping maintenance as well as the cleaning of the common areas.

Before buying a condo, prospective buyers must inquire about the amount to be paid for condo fees. They will be able to finalize their budget and check whether they will be able to cover all their monthly payments.

Does it have related services?

New buyers must also learn about the related services offered by the building. These services are available onsite and generally do not require any excess costs to access them.

Be careful though! Not all companies offer this type of service. Métrocité offers various related services, such as:

  • A fitness center;
  • A roof terrace;
  • Indoor parking;
  • Swimming pool.

The company offers new condos for sale and for rent on the North Shore of Montreal. These accommodations are spacious, bright and hassle-free. Contact Mr. Paul-Alexandre at 450-600-2171 now to learn more about new condos for sale.

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