Factors that make value to your condo

Friday 4 August, 2017

The number of condominiums continues to grow in the real estate market. To successfully complete a purchase, the seller must know the factors that make value to a condo.

The location

One of the first search criteria for buying a condominium is its location. New buyers have conditions to respect regarding the choice of neighborhood and the proximity of highways. Peaceful neighborhoods near parks or walking trails are popular on the current real estate market.

Access to public transport must also be taken into account. If the condo is near a subway station, commuter train or bus stop, its value increases.

We must also mention the importance of being close to various services such as:

  • Schools;
  • Parks;
    Grocery stores;
  • Hospitals;
  • Shopping centers.

Being close to most amenities increases the value of a condo on the market.

Related services

Since all buyers want more for their money, a condo that offers many related services sells faster.

Some condominiums offer owners free access to various services. For example, the use of a swimming pool, a training room, a common terrace, a conference room, etc.

Another factor that makes a condo appreciate is the availability of indoor parking. This aspect is considerable, especially for regions where the winter is cold and harsh.

The appearance of the condo

The appearance of the condo is also important to potential buyers. They will dwell on details such as landscaping and overall cleanliness. A well-maintained lawn and beautiful flower beds can add a wow effect at a glance.

In terms of the interior aspect, the materials have a lot of impact on the purchase decision. For example, a condo takes on value if it has:

  • Granite countertops;
  • Thermoplastic cabinets;
  • Engineered floors.

Access to storage space is a luxury that many potential buyers are looking for. If the space is heated, it is important to mention this advantage during visits.

Another notable fact is that condos with a concrete structure are the most sought-after on the market. The security aspect, as well as the soundproofing factor of this type of construction gives peace of mind to the co-owners.

The condo fees

The purchase of a condominium entails certain monthly expenses, such as condo fees.

A co-ownership for a minimal condo fee will take value in the real estate market. However, it must be ensured that the provident funds are high enough to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In buying or selling a condo, it must be remembered that a prime location, interesting related services, a neat appearance and a reasonable monthly fee are the elements that make the most value to a condominium.

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