Condo for sale in Laval: How to choose the right one?

Condo for sale in Laval: How to choose the right one?

Thursday 11 January, 2018

When looking for a condo for sale in Laval, it is important to take into account some essential criteria to choose the one that will meet all needs and will sell well, if any.

The quality

Choosing the right condo involves learning about the build quality and finish of the building as well as whether or not to get a guarantee. A new condo will probably benefit from the Master Builder’s warranty, while a preowned condo can be sold without any guarantee. It may be wise to find out about the developer and the contractor to validate their expertise, as well as to consult the opinions of other condo owners in the same range.

It is also important to ensure the quality of interior finishing materials, such as flooring and materials chosen for kitchen cabinets and countertops. Poor quality materials may indicate that renovations will have to be made in the short or medium term, forcing the buyer to inject a new amount of money into his condo.


Another not insignificant point in choosing a condo for sale is its location. Indeed, the buyer should opt for a neighbourhood that meets his needs and his lifestyle.

Some are looking for a peaceful place within walking distance of green spaces to recharge their batteries, others aim for easy access to public transport to facilitate their travel.

The Groupe Metrocite’s condos for sale in Laval combine the needs of all, being close to several services and leisure activities such as:

  • Highways and public transportation;
  • Shopping centers and grocery stores;
  • Restaurants and cinemas;
  • Schools and parks;
  • Banks and hospitals.

Services included

If the quality and location of a condo for sale in Laval are satisfactory, it remains to see the little extras that are offered with the purchase, in the form of services included in the rights of co-ownership.


Most of our condos allow occupants to enjoy a gym, pool and rooftop terrace. You can also find a space in the indoor parking, a WiFi service included, a conference room and the services of a concierge who ensures the cleanliness of the place, all at no additional cost.


In addition, maintenance of all-season traffic areas, lawns, landscaping and other facilities is not the responsibility of the co-owners, which leaves them more time for their daily activities.

Développement Métrocité offers condos for sale in Laval that meet the highest quality standards, which are located close to all services and which include many popular services. Make the right choice and contact our Sales Manager, Mr. Paul Alexandre at (450) 600-2171 to find out about these condos and their benefits.


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