Buying a condo is choosing peace of mind

Buying a condo is choosing peace of mind

Friday 4 August, 2017

There are many reasons why a homeowner may opt for a condo, but the most important argument is peace of mind.

For peace of mind, it means that virtually no maintenance is required on the property, and that many resources are available on site to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the building.

More time for yourself

Compared to a house where maintenance needs to be done regularly, the condo allows its owners to have time for themselves and a more active lifestyle. Their presence is not always required, as some services are included in condo fees.

It is therefore ideal for people with busy schedules or those who wish to have more free time for leisure and family.

Less maintenance

Condo owners do not have to deal with property maintenance tasks such as:

  • snow removal;
  • mowing the lawn;
  • repairs on the home;
  • the maintenance of a swimming pool.

Another advantage that the condos offer to the owners is the presence of a concierge in the building, which ensures the cleanliness of the premises. It deals with waste and recycling, but also cleans common areas, such as the main entrance.

The responsibilities of the union

For each group or building of condos, a union is set up to ensure the proper functioning of the group. Briefly, the union takes charge of the administration of all the common parts.

More concretely, he organizes:

  • washing the indoor parking;
  • window cleaning;
  • emergency measures during a disaster.

Thus, the property syndicate ensures that everything is in order and takes care of the provident fund. Each owner participates in these contributions which are available in case the common parts need to be repaired or replaced.


The condos are also very safe. It is uncommon to hear about burglaries in condo buildings.

The reason is simple: the majority of these constructions have a surveillance camera system as well as an intercom system with entrance control. The cameras are usually located at each entrance of the building as well as in the indoor parking.

In addition, the proximity of neighbors on the same floor can greatly deter burglars from entering a condo. The risk is too high for the game to be worth the candle.

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