What advantages do new homes offer?

It may be wise to learn about the benefits of new homes before buying a multi-year home that can hold all sorts of surprises, more often than not bad. The new homes of Habitations Métrocité inc. are townhouses that offer buyers several advantages, including quality, customization and peace of mind.

Uncompromising quality

Buyers of a new home benefit from the Residential Construction Guarantee (GCR), which administers the Guarantee Plan for new residential buildings for all of Québec. They are thus protected by this exceptional warranty before, during and up to five years after their purchase.

The impeccable execution of the work by an experienced developer therefore meets rigorous standards, and the materials chosen for the exterior and interior are of superior quality. We find for example:

  • Thermoplastic kitchen cabinets;
  • Kitchen countertops in quartz or granite;
  • A sink and a stainless steel range hood;
  • A hardwood flooring.

Unique customization

By choosing a new home, the buyer has the opportunity to customize his home according to his tastes. He may decide in particular the colour of kitchen cabinets, counters, bathroom vanity and ceramics.

He also has the opportunity to modify the size of the rooms according to his personal needs in order to obtain the perfect house that meets his requirements. A kitchen can be expanded without problem for an amateur chef or a room can easily be turned into an office for a self-employed person.

In any case, the landlord benefits from a larger living space and a multitude of storage spaces in a new two-storey house that also includes a basement.

The customization also extends to the back ground. The buyer can indeed develop as he pleases this green space that extends his privacy to the outside to make an oasis of peace.

A precious peace of mind

With a new home meeting all the criteria of first quality, the owner buys at the same time a peace of mind that is often invaluable. No need to renovate a house that has just been built and inspected in every corner.


In addition, some exterior maintenance work is included with the purchase of a new home. The owner does not have to worry about clearing winter traffic areas or maintaining the lawn for the rest of the year.

Habitation Métrocité’s new townhouses project is located in a select area of ​​Laval, near several services, parks and highways. Do not hesitate to contact the sales manager, Mr Paul Alexandre at (450) 600-2171 to find out more about all the advantages that these high quality new homes can offer at a competitive price.


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