The Baldwin  Condos & Penthoses is a brand new project in DDO, that is surely benefiting of the expertise of a family business led by Pietro Rinollini, a building contractor who has over 40 years of experience.
Mr. Pietro Rinollini arrived in Canada from Italy in 1964. At 16 years old, he already has a dream: owning his own company. As soon as he arrives to Québec, he starts working as a tailor in a factory. While he works there, he plans his way to possess his own store. At 28, he leaves behind the world of textile and opens a fruit stand in St-Léonard, on Jarry Street.

The adventure lasts a few years and, at the end of the 70s, he makes his way to another dream: building houses. «Les Constructions Pietro Rinollini Inc.» is founded. During 20 years, M. Rinollini builds on his own more than 200 houses, 30 multifamily houses in addition to commercial buildings, in Montreal. In 1996, M. Rinollini associates with M. La Rocca and found « La Rocca et Rinollini ». In the decade during which this partnership will last, more than 250 houses will rise from the ground, contributing to the development of the Chartier estate and the Lavoisier Street, in Montreal.

In 2004, at a reception, M. Rinollini runs across a childhood friend. The two men decide to collaborate in a new partnership, and they create «Groupe RPR». The two sons of M. Rinollini will also join this adventure: Paolo will be in charge of the administration and finance of the group and Renato will take care of building and selling the constructions of the corporation. The team soon launches «Les condos et Maisons de Ville Val-des-Brises» in Laval, an innovative concept that will be very successful. To this day, 70 town houses and 175 condos were built in this development.

Full of determination and ideas, the Rinollinis, father and sons create les «Habitations Métrocité Inc.». In January 2007, they begin the construction of the «Jean-Béraud Terraces», the first creation of this new dynamic team. This dedicated team collaborate together to buildin a residential project located in Chomedey, Laval, including 128 condos comprised of 4 ½ et 5 ½ units.

In 2011, Développements Métrocité embarks in a large scale condo project , the Square Jean-Béraud, with 309 condo units comprised of 7 buildings with 28-59 condos per building with elevators, swimming pool and fitness room. This condo project is also situated in Chomedey, Laval.

In 2014, Habitations Métrocité launches the townhouse project situated in Chomedey (Laval), Maisons de ville Nouveau Chomedey, adjacent to the project Square Jean-Béraud. This project is composed of 60 townhouses, turnkey townhouses, spread over 9 phases including 3 bedrooms and a backyard furnished with grass and a fence.

In 2021, Constructions Métrocité launched its brand new condo project in DDO, Baldwin Condos & Penthouses offers 194 units of 1 to 3 bedrooms, with areas ranging from 778 to 2116 square feet. All condos and penthouses will enjoy a large private balcony or terrace of up to 725 square feet. These spacious modern-style units will be erected on two 8-storey buildings.

The Métrocité team has more projects set up on the drawing board and looks forward to announcing it shortly.

In choosing to live in a condominium of this new promising project, you benefit of decades of experience of a professional and dedicated team. Without a doubt, the Rinollini’s previous successes guarantee you complete satisfaction, now and tomorrow.

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