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Baldwin Condos & Penthouses welcomes you to a world of endless possibilities. Discover this new flagship project located near the future REM station in Dollard-des-Ormeaux (Montreal). An ode to the freedom, tranquillity, and well-being provided by contemporary and spacious living spaces.

Project overview

Baldwin Condos & Penthouses has a total of 196 units, with 1 to 3 bedrooms, ranging from 778 to 2116 square feet from $350,000 + taxes. All condos and penthouses have their own balcony or terrace (up to 725 square feet). These spacious and modern units will be spread over two 8-storey buildings.


2 elevators per building, indoor and outdoor parking spaces, prestigious common areas, we’ve got it covered. It’s all part of this large-scale project intended for clients looking for an exceptional living environment.

Delivery: Fall 2022

Architecture and inspiration

The building’s architecture stands out for its modern and bold design. Black and white play in duality, like piano keys.


The ambience evokes a classic melody, bringing simplicity and elegance to the fore. By day and night, the space is luminous and cosy. All units have a contemporary design, a Wi-Fi connection and optional home automation systems. Baldwin Condos & Penthouses is the ideal place to live and relax!

Sumptuous common areas

The Baldwin Condos & Penthouses offers sumptuous living spaces creatively designed for an easy and enjoyable lifestyle. To balance mind, body, and soul, you can swim and relax in the indoor spa, and take advantage of the outdoor gym year-round. On the rooftop of both buildings, you will find beautifully-appointed terraces with spas – the ideal place to unwind and meet with friends. A multifunctional room, an outdoor park with playground installations and private workspaces are also planned.


Designed to complement the inspiration of the project, the vast lobbies and corridors, enhanced with soft background music, will immerse you in a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere. Finally, security cameras and a Wi-Fi connection are included to ensure tranquillity and convenience.

Swimming spa

Relaxation spa

Gyms (indoor and outdoor)

Roof terraces

Multifunctional room

2 elevators by building

Security camera


Access control system

Smart parcel locker

Underground parking

Electric car charging station

Bike storage

Children’s park (outdoor)

Train-REM nearby

The neighbourhood

The Baldwin Condos & Penthouses project is located at 4420, boulevard Saint-Jean in Dollard-des-Ormeaux. Close proximity to the Fairview shopping centre and the myriad of shops, restaurants and services lets you quickly enjoy the suburban lifestyle of this lively neighbourhood. There’s simply no better location to live in!

Project plans

Click on the building of your choice to view the detailed plans of available units.

PH ---
7thStarting from 400 k$
6thStarting from 400 k$
5thStarting from 400 k$
4thStarting from 330 k$
3rdStarting from 330 k$
2ndStarting from 330 k$
1stStarting from 330 k$
ParkingLevel 1
Level 2
Vue extérieure
UnitTypeBTHAreasq.ft.Price + tx
1011+11628 sq.ft.650-700 k$
1021+11570 sq.ft.600-650 k$
1031966 sq.ft.400-450 k$
1041+11177 sq.ft.450-500 k$
1051+11219 sq.ft.450-500 k$
10611082 sq.ft.400-450 k$
1081812 sq.ft.330-400 k$
1093½ +DEN1910 sq.ft.400-450 k$
1101+11148 sq.ft.400-450 k$
1111+11562 sq.ft.650-700 k$
1121+11206 sq.ft.450-500 k$
1141+11485 sq.ft.600-650 k$
Disposition des condos locatif de l'Floor 1 du projet Baldwin
UnitTypeSDBAreasq.ft.Price + tx
2011+11628 sq.ft.650-700 k$
2021+11570 sq.ft.600-650 k$
2031+11115 sq.ft.450-500 k$
2041+11177 sq.ft.450-500 k$
2051+11336 sq.ft.500-550 k$
20611032 sq.ft.400-450 k$
2071778 sq.ft.330-400 k$
2083½ +DEN1938 sq.ft.330-400 k$
2091+11048 sq.ft.450-500 k$
2101+11148 sq.ft.400-450 k$
2111+11562 sq.ft.650-700 k$
2121+11206 sq.ft.450-500 k$
2141+11485 sq.ft.600-650 k$
Disposition des condos locatif de l'Floor 2 du projet Baldwin
UnitTypeSDBAreasq.ft.Price + tx
3011+11628 sq.ft.650-700 k$
3021+11570 sq.ft.600-650 k$
3031+11115 sq.ft.450-500 k$
3041+11177 sq.ft.450-500 k$
3051+11546 sq.ft.600-650 k$
30611032 sq.ft.400-450 k$
3071+11307 sq.ft.500-550 k$
3083½ +DEN1938 sq.ft.330-400 k$
3091+11048 sq.ft.450-500 k$
3101+11148 sq.ft.450-500 k$
3111+11562 sq.ft.650-700 k$
3121+11206 sq.ft.450-500 k$
3141+11485 sq.ft.600-650 k$
Disposition des condos locatif de l'Floor 3 du projet Baldwin
UnitTypeSDBAreasq.ft.Price + tx
4011+11628 sq.ft.700-750 k$
4021+11570 sq.ft.600-650 k$
4031+11115 sq.ft.450-500 k$
4041+11177 sq.ft.450-500 k$
4051+11546 sq.ft.600-650 k$
40611032 sq.ft.400-450 k$
4071+11307 sq.ft.500-550 k$
4083½ +DEN1938 sq.ft.330-400 k$
4091+11048 sq.ft.450-500 k$
4101+11148 sq.ft.450-500 k$
4111+11562 sq.ft.650-700 k$
4121+11206 sq.ft.450-500 k$
4141+11485 sq.ft.600-650 k$
Disposition des condos locatif de l'Floor 4 du projet Baldwin
UnitTypeSDBAreasq.ft.Price + tx
5011+11628 sq.ft.700-750 k$
5021+11570 sq.ft.650-700 k$
5031+11115 sq.ft.450-500 k$
5041+11177 sq.ft.450-500 k$
5051+11546 sq.ft.650-700 k$
50611032 sq.ft.400-450 k$
5071+11307 sq.ft.550-600 k$
5083½ +DEN1938 sq.ft.400-450 k$
5091+11048 sq.ft.450-500 k$
5101+11148 sq.ft.450-500 k$
5111+11562 sq.ft.650-700 k$
5121+11206 sq.ft.450-500 k$
5141+11485 sq.ft.600-650 k$
Disposition des condos locatif de l'Floor 5 du projet Baldwin
UnitTypeSDBAreasq.ft.Price + tx
6011+11628 sq.ft.700-750 k$
6021+11570 sq.ft.650-700 k$
6031+11115 sq.ft.450-500 k$
6041+11177 sq.ft.450-500 k$
6051+11546 sq.ft.650-700 k$
60611032 sq.ft.400-450 k$
6071+11307 sq.ft.550-600 k$
6083½ +DEN1938 sq.ft.400-450 k$
6091+11048 sq.ft.450-500 k$
6101+11148 sq.ft.450-500 k$
6111+11562 sq.ft.650-700 k$
6121+11206 sq.ft.500-550 k$
6141+11485 sq.ft.600-650 k$
Disposition des condos locatif de l'Floor 6 du projet Baldwin
UnitTypeSDBAreasq.ft.Price + tx
7011+11628 sq.ft.750-800 k$
7021+11570 sq.ft.700-750 k$
7031+11115 sq.ft.500-550 k$
7041+11177 sq.ft.500-550 k$
7051+11546 sq.ft.650-700 k$
70611032 sq.ft.450-500 k$
7071+11307 sq.ft.550-600 k$
7083½ +DEN1938 sq.ft.400-450 k$
7091+11048 sq.ft.500-550 k$
7101+11148 sq.ft.500-550 k$
7111+11562 sq.ft.700-750 k$
7121+11206 sq.ft.500-550 k$
7141+11485 sq.ft.650-700 k$
Disposition des condos locatif de l'Floor 7 du projet Baldwin
UnitTypeSDBAreasq.ft.Price + tx
8011+11833 sq.ft.N/A
8022+22000 sq.ft.N/A
8031+11435 sq.ft.N/A
8041+11285 sq.ft.N/A
80511018 sq.ft.N/A
8061+11677 sq.ft.N/A
80721858 sq.ft.N/A
8082+22116 sq.ft.N/A
Disposition des condos locatif de l'Floor 8 du projet Baldwin

A real estate project signed Métrocité

Métrocité is an experienced real estate promoter and developer led by Mr. Pietro Rinollini, a seasoned entrepreneur who has worked in the construction industry for over 40 years.


The family business is now managed by Pietro’s two sons, Paolo and Renato, and has built over 1,000 units, all of which guarantee utmost satisfaction from a diverse clientele.


Creator of renowned projects such as Domaine Chartier in Saint-Léonard, and numerous others in Laval: Condos and Townhouses Val-des-Brises, Townhouses Nouveau Chomedey, and Terrasses & Square Jean-Béraud. The Métrocité Group is recognized for its quality construction, attention to detail and unparalleled after-sales service.


Métrocité : Home, where life begins.




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